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Optimise your research with a multi-disciplinary collection of authentic African content - published by authors with an in-depth understanding of the continent.

African Electronic

The most comprehensive, searchable collection of full text African Electronic Journals.

Benefits for Librarians

  • Your patrons benefit from diverse resources and all-inclusive African content
  • Gain an in-depth African perspective on a broad range of research topics
  • Efficient collection management tools that include counter statistics, secure login and remote authentication for users
  • Flexibility to subscribe to pre-defined subject collections or to build your own collection of relevant titles

Benefits for Librarians

  • Reliable, authentic content
  • Continuous on-the-ground research by Africans who understand the nuances and subtleties of the region
  • Powerful search tools
  • Internationally aligned research platforms
  • Streamline the research workflow with tools to organise digital documents, generate bibliographies, add citations and share research
  • Find potential collaborators

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